Dear My Ex – OFFICIAL Trailer

Our New Trailer for our Main film at Visually Unboxed is released!

Yes.. the English subtitles look very cheesy.. but I assure you that it doesn’t sound that bad in Korean.

Visually Unboxed is a Student based Film production club at the University of British Columbia.

We come from all different academic backgrounds and none of us have a professional film background; however, we all love MOVIES!

Of course, it’s a different scenario to just love movies and actually coming to make one.

For people who had no knowledge what so ever on grabbing a camera or edit, it was a big stretch for all of us to expand our skills and master it. But I believe it was a great experience for myself and my friends who were involved, and I’m really excited to be able to see what we have made this whole year on a big screen with my fellow friends.

For more information go check out our event page:

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