| The aftermath | War |

I created this clip for one of my visual courses to portray violence in war in hopes of stopping violence.

The video starts off with a distant view of war that is black and white. I wanted to represent the beginning colourless because it is emotionless for the viewer. Further along in the beginning it slowly zooms into several people and eventually in the end, a detail view of individuals at war which grades into colour.

The next scene at 00:29 is from the movie of course, ” The Pianist ” starring Adrien Brody. The original scene was right after when the character’s family had been deported to an extermination camp. At this point, the video is in full colour showing the individual’s emotion for the viewers.

Chopin’s ballad in G Minor starts flowing in the background of the scene transitioning to the next scene from the ending of “The Pianist”. The German officer slowly starts reminiscing his childhood which transitions to scenes from ” life is beautiful (ItalianLa vita è bella) “, where he too has experienced war in a different way.

Obviously it doesn’t make sense for a German officer to have had a Jewish father, but the point was to make a juxtaposition of different individuals going through the suffering of war. Even when the officer experienced such tragedy of his father he still engages in yet another war tragedy in which it shows the endless cruelness of humanity.

Although this was what I was initially going for, I feel that its always interesting to see other interpretations of such.

– special thanks to Adrien who helped me get the idea

and of course, Jason 🙂

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